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The spring time in Florida is your best bet for catching a classic Florida bass. You will get a combination of bass moving up to bed, bedding, and some in post spawn behavior. Because of these variables, here are three baits to always have tied on when fishing in and around grass.⁣

Speed Worm: This may be the most versatile bait for fishing in Florida because you can flip it, swim it, or a variation of the two. Be sure to blaze it parallel to the bank and grass lines.⁣

Creature Bait: If you are flipping (which you should be), you are flipping a creature bait and it needs to be black and blue. For starters check out Gambler Lures' "Why Not." The biggest mistake people make is they flip too fast. Slow it down, pitch in, and see if the grass moves. Bass will tell on themselves, you just have to be patient.⁣

Swim Jig: We are religious about throwing a swim jig. When nothing else is working we bang this bait through the grass, outside the grass, and flip it on bed and fishy looking spots.⁣

Hope these tips help you this weekend in your pursuits of big bass! #FloridaKayakAnglers